Rosemary Williams Drinking Coffee, New York, 1949, Stanley Kubrick

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Heartattack and Vine - Tom Waits

Liar, liar with your pants on fire…’

A turning point in several ways. While the album of the same name is plush with cinematic ballads the title track is a newer Waits in embryo, the voice harsh, the world nightmarish, the boho romanticism stripped away to reveal streets so bad drunks are evil incarnate, madness stalks heroin-junkies, under-age girls are ripe for exploitation, and all in all you’d be better off in Iowa. A real comedown song. The liar with his pants on fire may well be Waits himself, watching his romantic identification with this Bukowskian world come up short. Musically it’s hard-edged blues, a sour swagger through hell with Howlin’ Wolf and Captain Beefheart. Live on that year’s European tour he’s released from the drunken troubadour pose, suddenly he’s a contorted hipster, a yowling hepcat, all cubist angles and Bob Fosse hands. Soon Swordfishtrombones and Rainbirds would grow from this poisoned acorn.

Rain Paris (A), 1960, Kiyoshi Saito

Rain Paris (A), 1960, Kiyoshi Saito

The Red Disk, 1960, Joan Miro

Kagerou (Mayfly), 1972, Daido Moriyama

Erimo Cape, from The Solitude of Ravens, 1976, Masahisa Fukase

Another Time on the Ryukyu Islands, 1983-2008, Tsuneo Yamashita